Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Arizona Style

20 years ago in Austin we had a mammoth ice storm that took our our power for 3 days.  Not to be in Arizona.  As soon as it was dark we put out the pumpkin - it was 88º.  It’s 8 PM and we have had 9 kids and it has cooled to 72º.  We sure don’t miss that cold and the kids are a lot cuter when they don’t have their costumes buried in coats trying to stay warm.

As a side note I am back to the old posting method as something went wrong with the company I was using and they are not working tonight.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Zoey's 1st Birthday

Last year we arrived in Arizona the night before Zoey was born.   This year we are back again to enjoy her 1st birthday and the winter.  Last night both sides of the family gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Wimmer's to enjoy a delicious dinner for Zoey's birthday celebration.  Heidi bought a small cake just for Zoey with cupcakes for the rest of us.  Zoey didn't quite get into the cake as Heidi expected so we had cake to enjoy too.  I think the cake was frosted with white butter cream frosting before reading the instructions that it was to be pink butter cream as there was a good inch of frosting on the cake - oohh so good!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collin Wright Bremner

I went to Oregon to be with my Mom while my brother was gone for a week.  The unexpected passing of my nephew Collin Wright Bremner extended my stay to be there for his memorial service.  Eileen and Kristi also flew in for the service.  Collin's death has been very hard on my brother and his family.  It was good to be there for them.  The memorial service was very nice and included music by his Uncle Rob who is a fantastic pianist.  Collin was born on Dec 25 and loved Christmas, therefore decorations and refreshments were done around Christmas which helped to make it a celebration of Collin's life.  The inurnment followed and the minister gave very comforting remarks about seeing Collin again.  While this was a most difficult day for family and friends, the opportunity to once again be with Collin gives hope to all.
Marion (aunt), Mary (grandmother) and Kristi (cousin)
Returning to the hotel we found Kristi's bear

Monday, October 10, 2011

Top Portland Tourist Sites

Following up on Amanda's desire to see the sites of Portland, we found the number 1 site in Portland is the International Rose Test Garden.  Lisa also told us that it was great place to visit, however this is not the time of year to enjoy the roses. Saturday we visited Aunt Marion and then went to the number 4 site in Portland The Grotto.

House where my Mom moved to when she was 5 and lived until her first married home.

I then took Amanda on a tour of parts of Portland I saw most as a child - the homes where my Mom and Dad grew up and the home I spent my first 18 years and then my high school.  We also saw where Aunt Marion raised her family.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Family Time

Everyday after dinner Randy and family read and discuss the Book of Mormon.  Not only is the family learning from the Book of Mormon, the children are gaining reading skills as they read for us.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Friday was an unusual day.  Amanda and I started with a session at the Portland Temple.  Next a trip to Voodoo Donuts.  Why? Amanda wanted to see the Portland sites and since I could not think of anything special she asked Tara (Mom's caregiver) what she recommended.  Tara suggested Voodoo Donuts.  We went on-line to see what we could find.  Voodoo Donuts was on the list of things to do in Portland so we decided to check it out.  Notice the line outside the store.  Talking with people in line we discovered this was a short line - it sometimes goes around the block two times.  After a little over a 30 minute wait, we bought 5 specialty donuts for $12.  We took them home to share with Mom and Tara.  My favorite was the Tango Mango.  I thought I would like the Memphis Mafia the best but the Tango Mango was the best.  The Memphis Mafia was better the next day though.

After buying the donuts we went looking for lunch because we learned in line Portland is famous for Food Carts.  Amanda looked them up on-line and found there were lots of them in the area.  We saw one that looked good and checking it out on-line they had great ratings so we ordered a Muffuleta sandwich and Garlic Toast.  Both were excellent. 

When we got home Allyssa called and invited us to dinner at Fred and Gloria's.  She said she was planning and fixing dinner.  We then went shopping and ran in to Fred who was buying salmon for dinner.  He told Allyssa since I like salmon but didn't get it at home he wanted to fix it.  Allyssa fixed the rest of the dinner which was absolutely delicious and included Apple Pie my favorite dessert.  Boy did I feel special.  After dinner I took Fred to the airport.

All in all it was a fabulous day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lifted by the Good Word of God

After Eileen had an MRI Thursday morning, we headed to Utah for General Conference and time with family.  We were met at Randy's by Jake sitting on the railing.  For the first day we had 25-30 MPH head winds taking a big toll on our gas, then the second day it was about the same except from the side.  We could not complain as we arrived safely and were greeted by Jake, Tyler and Lily all excited to see us.  As you can tell the car was loaded with our things for Arizona and what Amanda could not get Boise in two earlier trips.

Amanda came down from Boise and went on to Provo to pick up Gunnar and bring him up Friday night after the BYU game. 

Saturday we went to General Conference.  Between the afternoon session and Priesthood session, we went to the Crown Burger.  This is a tradition Randy and I started last year as they sever the best burger with pastrami on it.  The restaurant was so packed you would never think you would be able to order let alone get something to eat, but they have such an amazing system in place that within a half hour we were finished with our meal.

Just as we were finishing Gunnar looked at the table across from us and said "That's my Book of Mormon Professor Stanley Johnson".  Randy and Amanda both looked and said he was our Book of Mormon professor too.  We spoke to him briefly - another example of the small world we live in.

We were able to watch all the other session on Randy's 50" TV.  What a blessing to be able to sit at the feet of the Lord's Prophets and Apostles and we taught by the Spirit.  We are uplifted and touched by the outpouring of the Spirit and so blessed to understand even more the great plan of happiness Heavenly Father has prepared for us and the opportunity we have to participate in it and to receive the blessings provided to by our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement.