Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Having Fun In Utah

After a mission it always takes some time to get around to all the family and we have certainly been enjoying our time here in Utah. We have been to Tyler's T-ball practices (Randy is the assistant coach). Enjoying Church where we can actually participate and enjoy singing the songs. But most important just enjoying the time getting to know our grandchildren better and hearing Lily say Grandpa. The boys were all over me as soon as I walked in the door and you can see why as they wrestle with their Dad the same way.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Almost two weeks without internet - it wasn't bad! I enjoyed spending ten days with my Mom in Oregon. Her internet contact is via the Presto mailbox I bought her several years ago. So while I am visiting her, my contact with the rest of the world is the old fashion way of phone, TV and newspapers. While I am glad we don't watch much TV, when you don't have the internet it is a good source for the news.

While in Oregon I visited the home where my Mom was born and lived until her father died. It is now a temporary home for women and their children - a good use as it is a large home with plenty of space indoors and out. We also stopped at the building that was once my Grandfather Shute´s bank building. We spent a nice time visiting other family members and just spending time together. While I was with my Mom, Eileen was with hers. Next trip out we will visit with both of them together but this time we wanted to spend more time than we had to do it together.

We are now in Utah enjoying our time with Randy, Heather, Tyler, Jacob and Lily. The first thing we did upon arrival at the airport was to go to the Church History Library and deliver Sister Sveinbjörg's story and testimony of the translation of The Book of Mormon into Icelandic. It took us almost the entire 18 months we were in Iceland to get it accomplished so we are happy to now have it in the Church history. Next it was off to Tooele and fun with our grandchildren. It is great to be here and enjoy all of them.

Now that we are once again connected, I will try to keep more up to date.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Special Sunday

Sunday was a special day in may ways. First it was JT's baptism. I conducted the service, Eileen conducted the music and David and Uncle Eric spoke. Gunnar baptized JT and David confirmed JT. Megan Olsen the Primary President congratulated JT and Brett and Dawn Asay welcomed JT into the Ward.

We also enjoyed Eileen singing a solo in Sacrament Meeting which is always special. Sister White played the piano accompaniment beautifully too.

Then in the evening Eileen and I presented a Fireside on our mission to encourage Senior Missionaries to enjoy the blessing we have on our two missions.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How Many Years!

Last night we enjoyed another Austinaires show. I think the only ones we have missed in the last 25 years were while we were on our missions. We started with our kids performing in the show and now it is our grandchild. Yes our first - Gunnar performed last night and it was fun to be there and watch him including his solo. It was also fun to see friends and their children perform - Katrina, Sabrina and Olivia. They put on a great show as always. Sorry about the picture quality.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

JT's Birthday

Yesterday was JT's 8th birthday and we all gathered for dinner and celebrating his birthday. Family and friends gathered for pizza and pizza cake. I am sure you can figure out who JT is as he is blowing out the candles on the pizza cake and he is with the missionary undoing all the ties holding one of his presents together.

After the birthday celebration the kids enjoyed the annual day after Easter egg/candy hunt. The tradition to remove the Easter bunny from the true celebration of Jesus Christs resurrection was started many years ago and is still being enjoyed by the kids. I don't think Lisa found the candy as good a deal this year as I noticed today the Easter candy is only 50% off where there have been years when it was 90% off after Easter.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Enjoying a Great Easter

What a great weekend with Easter and General Conference at the same time. A nice time to relax and think about all that God and His Son Jesus Christ have done for us. How blessed we are to know the plan of salvation and know what our responsibilities are in His kingdom.

To back up a few days since I have not posted lately. Paige had Spring break from law school so she arrived a week ago Friday night to visit until Wednesday when she left for Utah for her mission reunion and General Conference. It was fun having her here even if for only a few days. We have also enjoyed time with grandchildren. First Cenneidigh spent a day and night with us. Then Qatar and Zeke spent a day and night and then JT spent a day and a night. They all want to stay everyday and night so it is a challenge to keep them happy.

Then after the last session of General Conference this afternoon we had a family Easter Dinner at Eric and Vanessa's. Lisa and David provided a delicious leg of lamb which reminded us of all the great lamb we enjoyed in Iceland. Nice to be able to enjoy it here too.

How blessed we are to have family to enjoy these special times listening to our Prophet and other leaders and to remember the atonement and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.