Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some Might Say We Priced It TOO Low!

Thursday morning we got a call from a realtor asking if he could show the house even though he understood we had an offer.  I told him sure because I didn't know we had an offer.  After all we just put it on the market the evening before.  I called our realtor and he said yes there was an offer but he was checking it out because they were requiring we hold the house off the market until April 16 when they will be in town to look at it and he was not in favor of doing that.  Then Friday morning he called and said we have two offers and we have to decide about the 1st one today.  I told him to reject it based on what he said the night before.  He said from his checking we should consider the offer.  When he came over he explained the reason the woman from Arkansas wanted the house and that she was willing to have all the inspections done before she got here on the 16th plus it is a cash offer only $900 under our asking.  We accepted the offer and have already been called and told the inspector will be here Monday.  Escrow is scheduled to close May 31 right in line with our plans to leave for Minnesota.  We feel the Lord is blessing us.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preparing For Our Next Mission

Yesterday we met with a realtor and signed the paperwork to put our Arizona house on the market.  We twice called the realtor who sold us the house, but he never returned our calls so we decided to use the realtor who just sold a unit in our development in less than a month.  We were surprised at the price he said we should get.  He says the market has heated up and we should get several offers.  To our surprise another realtor called this morning asking to show the house.  He said I know you already have an offer but I would like to show it.  I said fine.  I then called our realtor and asked if we had an offer.  He said yes at full price but the offer comes with the contingency of first seeing it and the individual can not see it until April 16.  So our realtor thinks we should ignore it but said we will discuss it further tomorrow.  This is a first for us.  We have only sold two other houses on the market and both of those we waited and waited for offers so having an offer and a showing the first day is surprising.

Here is the link to another realtors web showing the house.  Our realtor apologized for the poor exterior shot and said he will try to take a better shot and replace it.  Here are a few shots if you don't want to look at the site.