Monday, November 23, 2009

Computer in the Hospital

As soon as Brother Jensen returned to Germany we were back into the planning mode preparing for President and Sister Olauson to arrive Friday for a busy weekend. We started with a dinner for them with all the missionaries and his counselor and his wife. We bought the biggest leg of lamb we could find - 3.3 kg, 3 kg of small baking potatoes and 3 kg of regular potatoes for mashed potatoes. We also peeled and grated 2 kg of carrots for carrot salad. Sister Koyle did a jello/whipped cream/fruit salad, scones and cake. As I carved the leg of lamb I thought wow this is a lot of meat - there will certainly be left overs. When everyone (15) had been served, I look at the meat tray and it was empty as well as the bowls of potatoes. Sister Koyle later commented something like - the missionaries inhaled that dinner in minutes after it took us hours to put it all together. The one young man not in a suit was doing homework at the Young Single Adult Center so we invited him to enjoy dinner with us. He is a recent convert and accompanied Sister Bremner Saturday evening on the piano. The first picture is Bettina - the mission president couselors wife and also the Selfoss Branch Relief Society President.

We got home late Friday night and then it was back to Reykjavik for Zone Conference Saturday morning with our Area Seventy Elder Sterri from Norway. We had a fantastic Zone Conference. Comments on the pictures - The whole zone with President and Sister Olauson, Elder Sterri and two member missionaries. We have two sets of members (two men and two women) who go out street contacting. They are great missionaries. The little girls sang I am a Child of God during our zone conference (their parents greeting President Olauson). The young lady sitting with the Elders at the table is one of a pair of member missionaries. The individual Elder pictures were as they gave their 5, 2 and 1 minute and 30 second talks. Between us and the Koyle's, we prepared lunch and dinner for 16 because as soon as Zone Conference (which included lunch) was over we went into a leadership training meeting for the Icelandic Conference with a one hour break for dinner before the Icelandic Conference Adult evening session. Amazingly I think everyone was well fed. The closing song for the Adult session was "I walked today where Jesus walked" sung by Sister Bremner. Without any prejudiced on my part it was absolutely beautiful. Her accompanist is the 18 year old in the dinner picture. He is fantastic at both the piano and organ so it was a treat for all.

It was another late night getting home and then up and back to Reykjavik for the Icelandic Conference Sunday Session. Elder Sterri is a fantastic speaker and we had 8 non-members who were well taught by him. It was so fun seeing everyone together from both branches. The closing song was basically the Selfoss Branch choir. We were a little worried with only 2 practices before our one practice with the pianist and then only about half of us showed up for the practice with the pianist. We had lots of compliments so it must have sounded good. Elder Sterri had to return to Norway right after the meeting so the Koyles, Bremners and Olausons gathered later at the Koyles for soup, salad, rolls and apple pie. We had a nice visit with President and Sister Olauson and now we are home again to rest up.

Thankfully this post was saved before the computer again quit working. Today we went to Reykjavik and turned it in for a repair estimate. They said they might be able to look at it tomorrow or Thursday. Luckily we have a computer to use it just doesn´t have our pictures or a video camera for Skype and it crashes way too often. It is a very old computer that was going to be thrown away but it was saved and we are happy to have it.

Where Do I Start!

You may have noticed I have not posted much lately. There are two main reason - #1 we have been very busy with our assignments and #2 our computer only works when it wants to - not when we want it to. it all started about 2 months ago when the wireless quit working. We switched to wired. Then it would not turn on. I removed and replaced all cards etc and then it turned on but this proved a little tedious each time it shut down, so we decided not to turn it off. That worked well as it would hibernate and come back on when we touched it. Then the last two weeks it has decided to turn off all together when it decided. The problem now is that it has gotten even more frustrating to get it to come back on. Eileen sat here this evening trying a good 10 to 15 times before it came on. So let's see what I can get done before it dies again - where to start.

November 13 - 18 Brother Jensen our Institute and Seminary Coordinator from Germany was here for teacher training and to meet with the two Seminary classes and teachers and the two Institute classes and teachers as well as speak in the Selfoss Branch and be the guest speaker at Family Home Evening with the Young Single Adults. We also fit in a little travel time for him to see some more of Iceland. One evening we gathered together with Elder and Sister Koyle for a great dinner - it was almost like Thanksgiving except chicken as none of us can bring ourselves to pay over $100 for a turkey.

Prior to Brother Jensen arriving I also spent several days helping Elder Koyle put together the furniture for the YSA Center and hang a 40" flat screen TV. Actually I installed, hung and got the TV/DVD working by myself. My carpel tunnel is now back again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Institute in Iceland

One of our many responsibilities on this mission is to serve as the Seminary and Institute Coordinators. Tuesday evening we went to Reykjavik to audit the Book of Mormon class. We have a great teacher and she is doing a great job teaching a class that is 5 new members and 3 returned missionaries. The combination creates interesting class discussions which are helping the new members learn and grow in the Gospel.

A little of Iceland

Every morning (well at least we try) we go for about an hour long walk. About the only people we see on our walk are the mail delivery people. Today I took my camera in hopes of getting a picture of how the mail is delivered in Iceland.

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