Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh SO Minnesota

About two weeks ago we went to the Ellis Middle School track meet to watch Zeke.  There was a strong wind blowing but it was an otherwise nice day.  Then the following Saturday April 16 we got a couple of inches of snow.  Luckily the ground had warmed enough that it didn't stick to the pavement and there was very little left Sunday.  But then it snowed again April 18 and 19.  They were projecting 7 inches but we only got a little over 4 inches.  Again though with the warmer ground temperatures what did not melt only lasted about a day and we are back to the 50's today.

Minnesota certainly has it's unusual weather.

As a side note we also had the Easter bunny visit twice yesterday.  He came up to the sliding door twice and looked in and then hopped away - guess he was trying to decide if we ready for him.

Eileen's Spider plant that keeps going no matter how bad it gets treated.

Here comes Zeke

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JT and Qatar's Birthdays

The last two Sundays the family gathered for lunch and birthday celebrations. JT turned 9 and Qatar turned 15. Both boys are growing up so quickly. Qatar also spoke in Church on Sunday on the importance and joy of service. He gave a great talk.

Brownies appear to be the cake of choice for both boys. Grandma also made S'more bars which were devoured along with the Brownies.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Night Season by Chelsea Cain

Lisa gave me this book to read.  She thought I might enjoy it because it takes place in my hometown of Portland Oregon.   I found the book intriguing because of taking place in an area I could relate to and my memories of the Vanport Flood, which I probably only remember from what I heard having grown up near the area of the flood.  I am amazed at how authors can write such exciting and captivating books.  Chelsea Cain is certainly a master at intrigue and mystery and kept me glued to the book.  I wonder though if this were the only types of books one reads, if they would not become distorted on their view of life and miss out on the true enjoyment of life.  The dark and sinister side of life does certainly exist as we hear on the news.  I just don't think I need more of it through reading books like this one.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 2011 Austinaires Show

This video shows Gunnar in the center of the back up group doing his little extra part to the song.

The main reason for returning to Minnesota from Arizona this early was to see our oldest grandson perform in the Austin High School 2011 Austinaires Show Thursday and Friday.  The Austinaires are a select show choir of 26.  Each night the entire group performed 19 numbers and the seniors performed solos.  Thursday night Gunnar performed in a quartet and Friday night he sang his solo.  The show was very enjoyable with great voices, talented musicians, and dance performances.  The photos give you an idea of the many types of music as they made their costume changes.

Amanda's Birthday

Another late post but also a late birthday celebration.  We arrived home late Wednesday night so the first chance we had to celebrate Amanda's birthday was the short 1/2 hour we had between her coming home from work Thursday, eating dinner and leaving for the Austinaires Show. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

General Conference

Roxie and her hats!

Roxie enjoys her books!

Yes, I am a little slow with this post but we spent two days traveling to get home for Gunnar's Austinaires Show.  We had so much to do to get ready to leave but we couldn't miss General Conference.  We started by watching it on the internet Saturday, then Saturday evening I went with Doug and his Dad and brother to their Stake Center to watch Priesthood (the building was so full it looked like Stake Conference).  We followed the session with dinner at Doug's parents.  Then Sunday we watched the morning session at Heidi and Doug's on their big screen TV - sure beats our computer, which we watched for the Sunday afternoon session.  Then again, we had dinner at Doug's parents.  They have been so good to us every time we are in Arizona. It was great to hear our living Prophets and other General Authorities teach us.  We look forward to reading their messages in the Ensign to renew what we learned and set our goals to improve.