Monday, July 25, 2011

After Leaving the Coast

We stopped in Tillamook to tour the cheese factory but they were not operating. That didn't stop us from enjoying cheese samples and then ice cream sampler bowls.  Next we stopped at the Tillamook Forest burn exhibit.  In 1933 there was a forest fire burned over 400,000 acres - it happened again every six years with the last one in 1951.  The land was so burned over the land owners could not make any money off the land and left it.  The state took it over and returned the land to the counties.  In 1954 massive tree planting projects were put together with boy scouts, school children, prisoners, and interested citizens spending a couple of years planting seedlings and they also seeded with planes.  Now it is a beautiful forest and the center is very educational.

Saturday we went to the Oregon Science and Industry Museum.  It was interesting especially when we got into the chemistry and physics area.

We then enjoyed a picnic with Fred and Gloria and Alyssa and Jay and two of their children.  It was at a beautiful park on the Willamette River - the weather was the best you could have for a picnic and the food was gourmet rather than picnic.  It was a fun evening even for Great Grandma.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finishing up the Oregon Coast

Cenny enjoying the warm water. Grandma had finished swimming and is reading a book up and to the right of Cenny

Cenny on one of the not so nice days

Otter Rock

We had extremely good weather for the Oregon Coast with only a few days of rain.  The Octopus was at the University of Oregon Marine Research facility on one of our rainy days.  Cenny had no problem rain or shine with wanting to swim - she even convinced Grandma to buy a new swimming suit so she would go with her.  Cenny had lots of fun no mater what there was to do including lots of games in the evening.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Give Eileen a Camera and What Do You Get

For one thing - lots of pictures of flowers and of course the sea life.  Her are just a few of what we are enjoying.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to the Beach

Besides enjoying my birthday on the beach, we have been having lots of fun searching for rocks, agates, seashells and driftwood.  With Cenny there is not much time for relaxing and just taking it easy.  We are on the beach everyday several times.  We have quite a collection of rocks and shells now and I have a piece of driftwood to make an interesting center piece along with a few special rocks.  The biggest challenge with coming here is wanting to buy a house and just stay here but it is too far from all the grand-kids so I guess we will just continue enjoying the two weeks we have every year.

Cenny on our beach where we have found the most agates and shells

Eileen and Cenny on Nye Beach

Cenny and Rick on Beverly Beach

Cape Foulweather

Eileen coming up from our beach

Otter Rock

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time With Mom in Oregon

On our way to spend time with my Mom in Oregon we stopped at the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center.  It was extremely well done and very educational.  Next was Multnomah Falls.   Cenny wanted to walk up to the bridge and since I have been there many times, Eileen and Cenny took off and I went to the new exhibit hall.  I expected them back in 15 minutes but after an hour I started to worry and walked up to the bridge.  Since they were not there I decided they walk to the top of the falls.  I went back to the car to read a book.  Their short walk to the bridge ended up being 2 hours.
On the wall at the Columbia Interpretive Center
Cenny in the salmon cannery

Multnomah Falls

Top of Multnomah Falls

While at Mom's we went to visit her twin sister and had a nice lunch and visit before showing Cenny where her Great Grandma grew up (didn't take a picture) in Portland, where her Great Grandpa grew up and then where I grew up.  Driving from where I grew up to my high school, Eileen kept saying this is a long walk - it must be at least two miles.  All I know is it always seemed like a long walk everyday as it was uphill the whole way.
The twins

Where my Dad grew up

Where I grew up

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Great Place For A Birthday!

We are on the Oregon Coast enjoying my birthday. This is one of my favorite places to be, but I digress as there are many more items to catch up on before we show you the beach.

After leaving Utah we stopped in Boise Idaho to drop off items for Amanda.  We loaded up every available inch of our trunk for her to help get her things there. Our things went in the backseat with Cenny.  Next stop was Baker Oregon where we went to the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center.  Amanda recommended it from a previous trip.  It was extremely well done and worth the two hours we had before closing.

We then left Baker and headed into the Wallowa Mountains and East Eagle Creek where for my first 18 years we spent 2 weeks every summer.  The cabin we used was built by my grandfather back in the late 1800's for operating his gold mine.  When my mother was a young girl their family would spend the entire summer at the cabin.  She learned to hunt, fish and live a primitive life.  They diverted water from the creek to run through the meadow in front of the cabin for water and to run a water wheel which generated enough electricity for 1 light bulb.  Each room in the cabin had a light bulb hanging from the ceiling but there was only enough electricity to turn one on at a time.  Mom learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine and became an excellent seamstress.

When we moved to California in 1964, we quit going to the cabin and the last time I saw it standing was when I took Eileen, Lisa, Kristi and Steven in 1973.  After years of non-use and no maintenance it eventually collapsed.

This is the road into the meadow where grandfather had three cabins and other buildings for his mine operations.  Two cabins and a garage are still standing.  Grandmother gave both cabins to families in Baker.   Our cabin was around the corner from the garage on the right at the other end of the meadow.

We built a great two seater outhouse out of an old 6 ft x 6 ft meat house.  It had screen on all four sides from the knees down and the chest up.  There was a flag to raise when occupied.  One seat was adult size and one child size.  Sadly this is all that is left of it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Utah Fun

Lily loves to pose
Last week we spent a few days in Utah with Randy's family.  Cenny is with us on this trip and she had lots of fun being with her cousins and they had fun with her too.  Heather said she would  be happy to keep Cenny as she was such a good helper.  For Family Home Evening we went to the city rec center and the kids had a blast.  We were excited to learn that our grandchild #21 is due Valentines Day.  It was great just to be with them.

We also got to see our good friends the Lawson's with some of their family in Orem.  Great trip to Utah!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cenneidigh's Birthday as well as Our Nation's Birthday

Monday turned out to be a beautiful day in the 80's with OK humidity.  We started with Paige and Eric setting up chairs along the Parade route at 5:30 AM.  Amanda and Rick relieved then at 8:30 AM to make sure people did not move our chairs - it happened to us one year.  The crowd started showing up around 10 and by 10:30 most of our group was there to hold our area.  One chair got moved however and some people jumped in and took all the space between the chairs on either side of the one removed.
Watching the Parade

Kristi and Cenny.  Kristi worked on this beautiful cake for many hours.  She modeled the girl on top the cake after Cenny in the dress Grandma made her for the 4th - next picture.  There were 8 sparklers going off on the cake but I only managed to get the picture with a few of them still going.

Cenny and Grandma with the dress Cenny wanted.
One happy baby at the concert!
After the parade Lisa and David had a Ward picnic and birthday celebration for Cenneidigh.  Next was the concert in the park at the Band-shell and then fire works.  The concert was fun and the fireworks spectacular.  We thought last years were the best ever and this year they were even better.  The fireworks were constant for at least 20 minutes and at times you thought they must be doing the finale they were so extravagant.  The ground was shaking from the constant booming.  A great day in so many ways.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kristi, Karl, Kylie, Elle and Cordie

Kristi and family arrived Wednesday afternoon and we made her special dinner - The Sandwich - which brought a comment about Kristi being special because we always make her The Sandwich every times she comes home.  She pointed out she is the only one who comes home every year.  Not to bust anyone's bubble but we like The Sandwich too and so it makes for a great excuse to have it when Kristi comes home.  It took almost 3 hours to make and is so loaded with meat and cheese that it isn't something we should have too often.  Sorry no pictures. 
Cade roasting two of his many marshmallows

Then yesterday we got all the family together for Somemore's at Eric and Vanessa as they have a fire-pit.  What a day to build a fire - 105.  Besides the traditional Hershey chocolate bar, we also had Resses Peanut butter cups and square starbursts to combine with the roasted marshmallow and graham crackers.

Yesterday was also the beginning of Cenny's birthday cake.  Kristi didn't know she was going to be asked to make Cenny's birthday cake so she went shopping for all the things she would need and then had Amanda make four cakes to freeze to get ready.  She informed us that while she is putting the cake together we are not allowed in the kitchen and we are definitely  not to clean up while she is working.  This is not a nice picture of Kristi but it makes the point we all need to remember.  We are looking forward to one of her fantastic  cakes.
I think we got the point!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Want to Feel OLD - Our First Grandchild Graduated High School

As you can tell I am way behind on postings. Our first grandchild Gunnar graduated from Austin High School on June 3. Then on Saturday the 4th, Lisa had a great graduation party for Gunnar. (All the balloons were then reused at a neighbors graduation party.) David's parents and his sister and her family came for graduation and the party which was nice for Gunnar.
The Processional
Assembling to graduate
Gunnar and Lisa
Gunnar is now on his way to BYU - that is Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah the end of August.  For now he is working to pay for college and his mission in about 13 months.