Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chile Antofagasta Mission

Here is our oldest grandchild Gunnar Peters holding his mission call and anxiously waiting for his Dad to get home so he can open his call and find out where the Lord called him to serve.  Very exciting day for all the family as this is our first grandchild old enough to go on a mission.  I had hoped to include the video we took of him opening his call but I can't get it to post so here is a link to see it Besides the family in Austin being present for the opening, we also had Steven and Connett via Skype in Kuwait - it was only midnight there.

Gunnar at 1 year old with his Uncle Randy.

Here is a link to the Chile Antofagasta Mission blog

Friday, May 4, 2012

Indexing the 1940 US Census

Eileen and I have have been doing Indexing for  The definition of  Indexing is - The process of capturing pertinent family history information from historical documents and making it available for publication on the Internet.  Basically taking a paper document (most often handwritten) and turning it into a digital document.  We started back in 2007 but I did not keep at it as the handwriting is often very difficult to decipher - very frustrating for me.  Eileen loves to do it though, as can be attested to by the number of names she has indexed (over 97,200) and arbitrated (over 75,300).  Another definition for you - Arbitrator - the person who does arbitration which is the process of reviewing differences between how two indexers interpreted a record.  All records are indexed by two people.  When there are differences between the two, then a third person (the arbitrator) has to review and decide what is correct.

The United States 1940 Census was recently released to the public, so there is a big push to get more indexers to make the records available quickly.  Eileen and I are teaching a class this Sunday to help increase the number of indexers.  By going to one can download the program and sign up to index on your home computer or laptop.  I was hoping we could also do it on iPads or other tablets but so far the indexing program for the census only works on computers.  I did find an iPad app for indexing that does other type of records.  The one I tried today was a ship passenger record.  They were extreemly difficult to read so not sure how much of those I will do.  The 1940 Census is much easier to read.

Eileen had the added blessing of finding a missing great-grandmother while indexing the 1900 US Census.