Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrating Elle's Baptism and Birthday and Easter

The last leg of our trip which started back in February has been spent enjoying time with Kristi, Karl, Kylie, Elle and Cordie in Columbus Ohio. We came to celebrate Elle's baptism and birthday together with Karl's Mom and Dad and brother Justin and Steven and Micah's family. It has been fun having so many together. Justin treated everyone to ice cream twice which made him a favorite. This long trip will come to an end this Thursday when we fly home. It has been great fun visiting all the family living outside of Austin and celebrating this special occasion with Elle. I took lots of pictures of the family at dinner and ice cream, but only posted a few as the candid shots were just too candid.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our escape from winter to visit our family outside of Austin

We left Austin in February to visit family living outside of Austin with the added benefit of leaving the winter behind for warmer weather. We flew to Phoenix first and had a nice stay with Heidi’s in-laws while we spent time with Heidi and Martin. We visited the Phoenix Zoo and a great art show in Fountain Hills. Martin entertained us with his cuteness which you can also enjoy on their website (see links listed below). Next we flew to San Jose to visit with Eileen’s Mom and Dad and sister Pat. They are all doing well and we were able to also go to the Oakland Temple with Claire and Pat to do family work. Next we flew to Portland to see my Mom and my brother Fred and his family before going to the beach for a week of absolutely beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery as you can see in our slide show. We spent the week at Otter Crest Inn where the pictures are taken. We also went to the Portland Temple and visited Aunt Marion and cousin Elaine. My Mom is doing so much better and she is able to get around by herself now. Hard to believe at 91 she is on zero medications – I can only hope to be so blessed. Next we flew to Salt Lake City to enjoy time with Randy, Heather, Tyler and Jacob. Pictures will follow.